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18 June 2013

New Judicial District in the Hill Country

A Bill signed into law on Friday will create a new judicial district in the Hill Country and two other districts will be realigned.  The new bill was created to accelerate dockets in the 9 affected counties and will be established on September 1st.  The new district will cover Mason, Menard, McCulloch, Kimble, and Edwards counties, which are currently in the 198th District, and also includes Kerr County.  

The new legislation has lawyers aiming for Gov. Perry's appointment as district attorney or judge in the new 452nd Judicial District by letting him know they're interested in the positions.  The legislation will have various effects on each of the respective county budgets.

The 198th District will be a two-county district by moving Bandera County from the 216th.  Kerr, Kendall, and Gillespie Counties will remain with the 216th.

Kerr County will remain in both the 216th and 198th under the provisions of the CSHB 3153.  CSHB 3153 also affects several other districts.

The change will positively affect the respective judges by reducing the backlogs, thus improving efficiency.

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