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15 July 2009

Katrina Survivors Refuse to be Evicted to Homeless Shelter

Controversial ACORN Group as Eviction Advocates?????????

Facing eviction on March 1st, survivors of Hurricane Katrina and members of the ACORN Katrina Survivors Association in San Antonio held a press conference this morning to announce they are refusing to let FEMA push them into a homeless shelter.

"I can't get an apartment without signing a 12-month lease," said ACORN member Yvonne Hayes, who has a 13-year-old disabled son. Ms. Hayes is a homeonwner and social worker in New Orleans and plans to move back to New Olreans once her home is repaired. She adds, "I'm being punished for wanting to go back to my home."

Families have been told their only alternative is to check into a homeless shelter until long term solutions can be identified. Although FEMA refuses to continue paying for hotels, many families still have cases pending. ACORN leaders and organizers have been working with city officials and FEMA to try to find a solution, but, as of this moment, none has been arranged.

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