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08 January 2009

San Antonio Residents Fire Back At Homeowners Association and Builder

A group of residents of the West Oaks Estates subdivision in San Antonio, Texas are fighting back against what they believe is an unmeritorious attack by their homeowners association, and the builder/developer who controls the HOA. In a counter-suit filed in Bexar County District Court in San Antonio, Texas, the residents have accused the West Oak Estates HOA, Inc., and McMillin Development of breach of contract, real estate fruad, violations of the covenants, and conversion.

The counter-suit, which was filed in response to a series of suits initiated by the builder and HOA against 19 families who purchased their properties in the subdivision PRIOR TO the time that the builder recorded the covenants/restrictions. In the original suit the HOA and builder seek a judicial declaration that the properties are subject to the declaration of covenants and restrictions("CCRs") and to mandatory membership, despite the fact that the builder dropped the ball in timely filing the CCRs with respect to the residents' particular unit of the subdivision.

In the counter-suit, the residents deny the applicability of the restrictive covenants to their properties. In addition, they have alleged that membership in the HOA is not mandatory for them. In support of that argument, the residents have argued that the law in Texas, and even before Texas or the United States were established, provides that a covenant does not run with the land unless it "touches and concerns the land." It is clear from records recorded with the Bexar County Clerk that the restrictive covenants applicable to the West Oaks Estates HOA were not filed until AFTER each of the Counter-Plaintiffs purchased their properties.

The residents are represented by San Antonio attorney Trey Wilson, who has handled HOA litigation before both on behalf of and against homeowners associations. Wilson maintains that the West Oaks Estates HOA is not a proper Plaintiff in the lawsuit because there is no membership in the HOA by his clients. "Restrictive Covenants are treated by Courts as contracts, and since it is undisputed that my clients are not members of the HOA, there is no contractual privity between them and the HOA which would allow the HOA to bring this suit," said Wilson.

There is currently no trial date in the case.

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