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08 January 2009


Annual homeowners association fees can include a transfer fee, reserve or capital improvement fee as well as monthly, quarterly or annual dues. They differ by size, the number of homes in an association, and the amenities provided.

Transfer fee for single-family home
$100 to $150 one time

Annual dues for single-family homes
0-99 units: $250-$400 without a gate or other amenities and $500-$700 with an entrance gate

100-299 units: $250-$400 without a pool; $350-$500 with a pool 300-699 units with a pool: $450-$600 700+ units with a pool: $350-$500

Condos and Townhomes
$150-$250 per month, which usually includes waste disposal and water service

Source: Express News (2/28/08) quoting Spectrum Association Management and Glenn Clarke

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